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Bishop Marine Electric: The Legacy

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In 1963, Luther Lou Bishop, a former member of the United States Navy, established Bishop Marine Electric, Inc. in Miami, Florida. Specializing in marine electrical power generation and distribution, Lou brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the marine electronic field.

As the company accelerated at incredible rates over the next 20 years, Lou involved himself in numerous facets of the marine industry, focusing particularly on the sales and service of electrical power producing equipment and water desalinization systems on yachts. He began building diesel electric plants from 15kW to 30kW and even rewired yachts for celebrities like Frank Sinatra.

Bishop Marine Electric became one of the first companies ever to build marine generators with Lima Electric brushless alternators, a breaking concept in the late 1960s.

First joining the Bishop Marine Electric team as an installer in 1980, Greg Bishop succeeded his father as president of the company upon his retirement in 1983. As competition increased, Greg redirected the company toward the electric side of business.

In 1984, Greg Bishop introduced the Variable Frequency Drive to the marine industry. Bishop Marine Electric was the first to use this product for driving AC motors at variable speeds without overloading the motor.

Over the past 20 years, Bishop Marine Electric, Inc has been on the cutting edge of the technological era of information. Bishop Marine Electric is currently working side-by-side with Atlas Marine Systems, Inc. and Alaska Diesel Electric, Inc. to establish capability to monitor all generator functions via one communications cable.

Today the guiding principles of Lou Bishop continue to guide the company toward excellence in the marine industry.