20 kW - M20CR2

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When continuous power is a necessity.

20 kW sets go into commercial vessels that need continuous AC power to operate. Without power the work doesn’t get done. Unfortunately most sets this size have small displacement, light duty diesels that can’t stand up to heavy use. Some even need turbochargers to compensate for their small displacement.

The M20CRW2 is different. Powered by a naturally aspirated, four cylinder, 2.2 liter (135 cid) Lugger diesel, this set has the low end torque needed to start big electric motors without breaking a sweat.

You choose heat exchanger or keel cooling. The marinization is designed to reduce belts, hoses, gaskets and other trouble spots. The components are stoutly built from the best materials: cast-iron, cupro-nickel, stainless steel and bronze.

Strong and clean, the Lugger meets US EPA Tier II emission standards to protect the environment you depend on for your living.

An engineer’s dream, the set is simple to operate and maintain. The DC electrical system uses reliable relays instead of delicate printed circuit boards. If a failure should occur, you can simply plug in an inexpensive relay. Relay DC logic lets you have multiple control panels up to 110 feet from the set. All service points are on one side within easy reach.

Need hydraulic power? Add an optional electric clutch front PTO. At the touch of a button you have up to 30 HP at 1800 rpm to run your hydraulic equipment.

Got a big job hauling, towing, pushing patrolling or fishing? Need a simple, reliable, durable, affordable set? You’ve found it. Let your dealer put a M20CRW2 to work for you before your next trip out.

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