8 kW - M753W2

Northern Lights strong reputation for reliability and simplicity is evident on the 8 kW, M753W2. Year in, year out, this bulletproof workhorse has been a favorite for yachtsmen and commercial operators for both repowers and new vessel construction. It has constantly been improved and we are now proud to introduce the newest version; the M753W2.

The set is still powered by a 58 cubic inch Lugger diesel which runs at 1800 rpm instead of 3600. Lower speed promotes engine life by reducing internal stresses.

The engine has a mono-component, cast iron, freshwater cooling system to reduce troublesome gaskets and hoses. Being a three cylinder, the engine is balanced for smooth operation. This along with vibration isolation mounts, intake silencer system and cast valve cover make the M753W2 remarkably smooth and quiet with or without a sound enclosure.

The M753W2 is simple to maintain. All service points are on one side within easy reach. The seawater pump’s location makes impeller changes a snap and it is gear-driven, so there are no belts to fray and break. The engine’s DC electrical system and safety shutdowns use reliable relays instead of delicate, unrepairable printed circuit boards. If a failure should occur you simply plug in a new, inexpensive relay. The M753W2 meets US EPA Tier II emissions standards. You, the environment and your moorage neighbors will all benefit.

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