8 kW - M843JW

Need a powerful, feature packed, marine generator set in a compact size?

Then the M843JW is made just for you. This reliable set offers you the world-class quality and unmatched performance of a Northern Lights in a simple, dependable package.

At 1800 rpm (60 Hz) or 1500 rpm (50 Hz), the 843’s naturally aspirated, 81 cubic inch, Lugger diesel engine provides the torque necessary to start the larger motor loads on today’s vessels.

Strong and simple. The M843JW has a combined cast-iron exhaust manifold, expansion tank, and heat exchanger housing that eliminates unnecessary gaskets, hoses, and clamps. The seawater pump is gear driven eliminating a drive belt. The Northern Lights’ DC electrical system is simple too. It uses reliable, interchangeable and economical relays instead of expensive printed circuit boards.

Maintenance is quick and easy. The single-side servicing feature places all regular maintenance points right at your fingertips. Look how the freshwater pump is placed for easy impeller changes. The self-venting fuel system and mechanical fuel lift pump make messy bleeding procedures a thing of the past.

The M843JW is large enough to have the full benefit of the extensive Northern Lights optional equipment list. Choices include Northern Lights’ super attenuated sound enclosure, additional instrument panels, 24 volt electrical system, even an aluminum base frame for the performance boat enthusiast. Let your dealer work with you to order the perfect M843JW for your boat.

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