10 kW - M843NW2

The M843NW2 is small in size but not in heart.

It comes with all the time-tested features you expect on a Northern Lights. A simple, reliable cooling system that minimizes belts, hoses and gaskets. A relay based DC electrical system without expensive printed circuit boards. Single side service accessibility. Crankcase oil vapor trap system and welded drip pan base to keep your engine room as clean as the 843’s white polyurethane paint job.

The 843 also plays well with others. Team it up with a larger Northern Lights set. The 843 will shoulder the light load hours and let its big buddy take a rest. Since it only uses 0.62 gph of fuel at half load it will rest your wallet too.

This little workhorse takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Clean, stable electricity out of one end and accessory driving horsepower out the other. All you need is the optional, front power take off and electric clutch. With a touch of a button you will have hydraulic power. No need to start up that main engine just to run a deck winch.

Clean inside and out, the M843NW2 meets the US EPA Tier II emission requirements. What more could you ask from a guy that is only two feet tall?

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