67 kW - M1064A

The M1064 Series marine generator sets are powered by new, US EPA Tier II compliant, Lugger diesels. These sets incorporate many new features that add high power density to the Northern Lights reputation for cast-iron reliability, simplicity and durability.

An important decision.
Whether you’re repowering your vessel or building a new yacht, your future enjoyment depends on the generator set you choose today. It will run day and night, so smooth, quiet operation, long engine life, and fuel consumption are major considerations. With so much depending on your new set, it pays to choose one that is built up to a high standard of quality; not down to a low price. It pays to choose Northern Lights.

The heritage continues.
Four decades of marine experience stands behind every Northern Lights. Yachtsmen like you have made them standard equipment on yachts from the world’s premier builders. Service is handled by an international dealer group with assistance from factory branches.

Selection without compromise.
Underloaded and overloaded generators cause problems and waste money. With five models from 33 to 99 kW, there is a M1064, 60 Hz or 50 HZ set that is just the right size for your vessel.

Multiple set power teams.
Northern Lights broad range, 5 to 520 kW, lets you combine multiple sets aboard your vessel. Use two M1064s to simplify maintenance and parts supplies. A smaller unit can be a night set. Mix and match sets for the best, single source power solution.

Silky smooth and whisper quiet.
Noise and vibration abatement is a top Northern Lights design priority. All M1064s have counter-rotating balancing shafts. The standard hydrolastic mounts isolate 98% of set vibration from your hull. A cast valve cover absorbs valve noise and traps crankcase oil vapor for a clean engine room. The cast iron, fresh water cooled exhaust manifold absorbs combustion noise. Choose a Northern Lights super attenuated enclosure with InSep exhaust system to lower sound levels even more.

Advanced simplicity.
Simple to operate and maintain. Hoses, gaskets and belts have been minimized. DC control panels keep you in touch with your set’s performance while safety shut-downs protect it. Special 500 hour oil changes, oil drains, one side service and owners manuals simplify maintenance.

Tough Lugger diesels.
Built for continuous duty, many Lugger powered sets have logged over 30,000 hours without a rebuild. The M1064 has the features to continue this tradition of reliability. Rugged components built from the finest materials.

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