185 kW - M1276A

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Reliability. Durability. Simplicity.
The M1276A series of Northern Lights generator sets are built to be run at high loads. Based on the solid reliability of a four-valve Lugger diesel engine, the M1276A's can produce reliable on-board power, with a kilowatt range of 235-280 kW at 60 Hz (1800 RPM), or 185-230 kW at 50 Hz (1500 RPM).

It starts with engineering.
Northern Lights engineers its generators around some important core principles. At the forefront, is the commitment to creating power in a reliably efficient package. The cast iron exhaust manifold is combined with the expansion tank and heat exchanger housings on the M1276 series into a durable, robust jacket water cooling system.

If it’s not there, it can’t break.
Advanced engineering has minimized the number of hoses, belts and gaskets. Most service points are conveniently located on a common side. M1276A’s are also designed to allow for longer time between oil changes than comparable models.

Electronics equal better fuel economy.
The ultra high pressure electronic fuel injection on the M1276A series allows for quick, smoke-less starts - even when cold - and improves fuel economy. The electronic control unit promotes protection by self-diagnosis.

Keep it safe, keep it running.
Safety and peace of mind come standard with your Northern Lights generator set as well. Northern Lights DC Logic System continually monitors vital engine functions. The automatic AC voltage regulator keeps voltage to +/- 1% to help protect the most sensitive instruments and electronics from power dips and surges. Automatic safety shutdowns for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature are standard features of the M1276A family.

Clean, quiet operation.
Compact and high powered, the M1276A’s are also engineered for comfort with features like isolation mounts to reduce vibration. The closed-loop crankcase vent, intake silencers and cast valve covers help keep your engine room remarkably clean and quiet. Optional Northern Lights innovations like InSep and our super attenuated sound enclosures can dramatically reduce the generator set’s sound signatures.

Ease of customization.
With Northern Lights’ famous commonality in parts, and easy customization, your M1276A series generator set can be as unique as your vessel. You have enough worries on the high seas. Your power generation system shouldn’t be one of them. And thanks to the reliability, durability and simplicity of Northern Lights’ M1276A1, it doesn’t have to be.

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